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Our story is a beautiful story.


A story so full of twists and turns that it was touched by Grace.

At the very beginning, there was Marie-Hélène.

I have always been thirsty to understand the meaning of Life, to enter my Dharma, my Destiny and to live a life blessed from all points of view.


And so, after years of conforming to society until I went into finance, to prove to the gallery that I was someone and that I had succeeded ... Something unexpected happened. A near-death experience that launched me on an extraordinary quest.


The one I had promised myself since I was little. Finding the Meaning of Life, but even more so answering the question:


“How to live a victorious Life? "

A victorious life for me is not a successful life in the sense that society understands it but a blessed, protected life, where you have achieved your Destiny.


Leave this plan with the feeling of having accomplished a duty. For having fulfilled our incarnation contract.


And that's when I started looking for God as He takes shape for you. I already knew it but ... I rediscovered it as it is only possible when you slow down.


I first focused on myself. I loved myself before I even met Daniel. I am already studying Ayurveda. The purification of my environment, of my body as of my mind, has my full attention. I healed deeply. I have been hurt before but I believed in love.


I meet Daniel. Bursts of Light. A Twin Flames Relationship. He's the one I was born to love. From conversations to connections, we study the texts of the Great Traditions, the Wisdom of the World.


Daniel is also having a defining experience where we will experience the power of essential oils to repair the physical layers of an individual who is going through trauma - right down to the subtle bodies.

And Ayurveda has imposed itself again. Carrying all our values; Soul-Heart-Body alignment, knowing how to calm down, plants as medicine, food as medicine and Love for Self.

“Self-love is self-esteem. There is no difference. "


Days, months of self-care. To read, study, test. Observe from the front row how the effect of loving yourself, Self, can change the World. This is what our miraculous Twin Flame relationship is all about. We loved each other first.


This is what the miraculous story of Ariel Ayurveda consists of. I call him Michael, he calls me Ariel, "the lioness of God", the Archangel of nature and the elementals.


You will believe that it is you who will do something with Ayurveda while it is Ayurveda that will do something with you.


May we inspire you to take care of yourself - and even more to ritualize your life because each of these moments are so many moments to focus, connect and fill you with Love.


And the World is in great need, an urgent need at this time, of people centered, connected and filled with love.


Marie & Dan

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