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Excerpt from an article published in the Journal de l'Ile d'Orléans - Working in frustrating jobs no longer suited Marie-Hélène Risi and Daniel Handfield. This is why they left the city and their jobs to live in Saint-Jean de l'Ile d'Orléans, in Quebec and launch their artisanal Ayurvedic skincare line in July 2020.

This beautiful story began in the winter of 2018, when Daniel began creating Ayurvedic Rituals for the skin at the request of his muse Marie-Hélène, and out of love for her, who is becoming more and more interested in this therapeutic system that Ayurveda represents. This medicine from India constitutes the oldest and most complete system in the world.

“Certain books written nearly 5,000 years ago correspond to the concerns of the 21st century and if this knowledge is still unknown in Quebec, it is probably because too few Texts and Teachings are translated. Thoughts are evolving and since 1982 Ayurveda has even been recognized as a “method of care” by the WHO (World Health Organization),” explained Mr. Handfield.

It was crucial for them to set up their handcrafted production  in a beautiful environment radiating high vibrations of peace, ensuring the freshness of their products and their effects. “It is for this reason that we chose to come and establish ourselves on Île d’Orléans and thus manufacture our products in an environment that represented our values. With a gentler, slower pace of life and more in harmony with the seasons than in the city, aligned with the very foundations of Ayurveda,” commented Ms. Risi.

Ariel Ayurveda - Sacred Wisdom for the Skin

Âyur means life and veda, science, in a literal translation from Sanskrit. Medicine and philosophy at the same time, Ayurveda draws on the unique character of each individual to treat the human being as a whole: the body and the mind are closely linked.

Ayurveda is based on the balance of three fundamental energies from the five elements (earth, air, ether, water and fire) or Doshas, whose unique proportions are specific to each person: Vata (ether and air) person to skin dry, Pitta (fire and water) person with sensitive skin and Kapha (water and earth) person with oily skin. Tridoshic products are for people who have balanced skin. By clearly identifying the composition of your  nature at moment of conception, you can assess your needs to rebalance your skin, your health, your mood, even your diet...

Discover your Dosha

“Ariel Ayurveda’s entire range of treatments has been designed in the Ayurvedic tradition and bases the personalized skin care ritual on the discovery and identification of your Dosha,” added Ms. Risi. This is why Ms. Risi and Mr. Handfield insist that each customer complete the Dosha discovery questionnaire before ordering their products.

The questionnaire offered on the home page of their Ariel Ayurveda website allows you to identify Prakriti or your state of personal balance.

Finally, when the three doshas are present in equal proportions in the body, we speak of a “tridoshic constitution”: Vata/Pitta/Kapha (air/fire/water).

Ariel Ayurveda offers 100% vegan, 100% active, organic products when available, which come only from natural ingredients. The selection of each ingredient is a priority for Mr. Handfield and this is why he wanted to surround himself with specialists in the field of essential oils and other ingredients for his supplies. “Everyone has their own expertise, we cannot and will not improvise ouselves as an importer of essential oils,” says Mr. Handfield.

Medicinal plants

Among the ingredients used by Mr. Handfield, we note ashwagandha which acts against aging and dry skin and promotes the production of collagen as well as haritaki which deeply purifies the skin. Wild turmeric, chickpea flour, neem, amla, aloe, black cumin, triphala, rose petals, ghassoul, Tamanu essential oil, licorice, cardamom, sandalwood and many other precious and revered ingredients in Ayurveda are part of these unique skincare potions.

  “In addition, the assembly and handling protocols have been selected to ensure, preserve and protect the physical and even more vibrational integrity of the ingredients”
-Daniel Handfield.

A three-step ritual

Ariel's skincare Rituald have three stages. In Ayurveda, exfoliation of the facial skin is done once a day with one of the masks composed of specific dosha clays, cereal flours, flower petals, Ayurvedic herbs and roots, followed by Floral Water toner then serum. Another particularity, the serum is mixed with rose water in the final step, in the palm of the hand,. “The perfect and balanced combination of all these natural and active ingredients gives these masks the property of gently cleansing, deeply hydrating, improving the color and texture of your skin. It is perfect to be part of your daily ritual for your face,” said Ms. Risi.

Perfect Knowledge

Ms. Risi smiles when she tells the story of Ariel Ayurveda since "it’s mooving for me  to realize that it was Ayurveda that found me while I was searching for God in a defining moment of my life as  I was studying the great Traditions.”

Eager to support their little work on true Knowledge, Marie-Hélène registered in September 2022 for a certification as an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner at the oldest and most recognized college of clinical Ayurveda in America: the California College of Ayurveda. Having successfully completed a first 650 hours, she will begin her Internship in December 2023 with clients in Private Ayurvedic Consultations for a period of 6 months and at the end of these two stages will receive her first diploma.

An Ayurvedic Health Advisor (AHC) is a specialist in preventive medicine and lifestyle. This important program forms the foundation of the practice of Ayurvedic medicine and provides the tools necessary to support patients in preventing disease and transforming their lives towards harmony and health. This program provides a solid foundation from which to explore the deeper clinical applications of Ayurveda.

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In order to understand, integrate and further popularize this complex and age-old science to make it accessible to as many people as possible, Marie-Hélène interviews every months experts from around the world on the Ariel Ayurveda Facebook page here:

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