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High Quality Ingredients
100% natural

Our criteria for the choice of our ingredients:

  • 100% natural

  • 100% vegetal

  • Organic

  • Vegan

  • Animal Cruelty Free

  • Respect humans

  • Without chemicals

Our pride is to offer you products that are made with 100% ingredients from the nature that our beautiful planet offers. The selection for each ingredients is therefore a priority for us and this is why we have surrounded ourselves with specialists in the field of essentials oils and other ingredients for our supplies. High quality and freshness are important in the manufacture of our products and thus allow us to offer you a " 100% satisfaction guaranteed " guarantee.


By following these high quality standards we wish to respect the Ayurvedic tradition as much as possible. To meet the needs of a body that is composed and reactive to the elements of the Doshas (Air-Water-Fire-Earth-Ether) we need ingredients which are made and composed of the same elements in their pure and natural state. Even the storage, assembly and handling equipment has been selected to ensure, preserve or restore the integrity of the ingredients.

Fabrication Artisanale


Even before the design of Ariel Ayurveda products, a manufacturing standard was established to respect Ayurvedic principles and our high quality standards for the products we want to offer you. An artisanal production (handcrafted) in an environment radiating high vibrations of love and peace, ensuring the freshness of our products and their effects.

The fresher the ingredients are, greater the active power is extracted from their nature. This also requires a high synchronization for the management of our inventories of finished products and the ingredients that compose them. To achieve these high standards, we had to make significant compromises in order to respect our high quality standards in order to respect our promises.

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