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Need something warm to relax and comfort you? Himalaya Chest Balm PM surrounds you with the welcoming respite of Turmeric and Holy Basil, while penetrating Eucalyptus vapors softly soothe you.

Holy Basil Oil has relaxing and protecting properties and has been used for centuries to comfort and soothe. Turmeric Oil helps promote healthy-looking skin. And with deep, comforting vapors that make it a warm childhood memory for so many, Eucalyptus Leaf Oil gently soothes and warms your senses.


  • Use a little on your nose and chest and be lifted away by soft and soothing comfort
  • The familiar comfort of Eucalyptus and the warmth of Turmeric make this an ideal chest rub
  • Light and gentle oils leave soothing and moisturizing properties behind

Chest balm (50gr)

  • Apply under the nose, forehead and chest as needed.

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