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Recommended for dehydrated skin or skin that requires additional protection when exposed to cold and wind, or the dry air of our homes in winter - our Vegetable Glycerine is used after our Ariel Ritual (Cleansing Oil or Cleansing Mask, Toner, Floral Water and Serum).


Add a drop on top of the serum for its humectant effect. Our glycerine then prevents the skin from becoming dehydrated by creating a barrier that retains the water contained in the skin from evaporating into the air. It is also wonderful for hands and feet where dryness often occurs too ressentir.

QTY: 60ml


Without preservative . If in doubt of possible allergic reactions, always try the product in the crook of your arm before use.


Vegetable Glycerine

  • Add a drop to the face after one of our Ariel Ayurveda Serums. Our Organic Vegetable Glycerin from India prevents your skin from becoming dehydrated, a must in dry or cold weather, by creating a barrier that prevents the water in the skin from evaporating into the air.

  • *Vegetal glycerine


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