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  • The Eye Wash Cup easily removes irritants and allergens in the eye. Washing your eyes regularly promotes eye health and can relieve dry, irritated eyes.
  • The smooth glass design feels gentle on your skin while the contoured design prevents leaking when using the cup!
  • The compact design makes it easy to store in medical cabinets, first aid kits, bathroom, bedroom, garage, closet, dresser, or under the sink.
  • The glass material is durable and reusable! To sanitize the cup, place it in boiling water for a few seconds. Be sure to cool completely before u

Eye Wash Cup

    • Simply fill the clean cup with distilled water or saline, tilt head forward and place cup around the eye, then tilt your head back with the cup pressed around your eye.
    • Next, open the eye and move it side to side to clean it out.
    • Once done, tilt your head forward again and remove the cup.
    • It's that easy!
    • Use the eye wash cup daily to help remove irritants and allergens, soothe tired or dry eyes and eliminate dust and dirt. Make washing your eyes part of your daily routine
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