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Composed mainly of the FIRE element, people with a PITTA  nature are prone to excess heat in the body, inflammation and sensitivity. Use this botanical blend to calm, soothe and refresh your skin.

The skin is the body's largest organ. It protects us from the outside and its attacks. It also allows us, through its pores, to eliminate toxins. It is essential to maintain its quality and balance.


Oil plays a major role. When applied, it penetrates the skin to reach the different tissues, joints and organs. The whole body benefits, especially the nervous system. Thus, Ayurvedic teaching recommends a daily massage in order to maintain good health.



Self-massage is a very simple procedure that can be done at home and takes little time. Fifteen minutes every day is enough to make a difference. Although a whole body treatment is preferable, if you are short on time, choose to massage the head, ears and feet first.


The choice of oil

Traditionally, the choice of oil for the Abhyanga massage is made according to each person's constitution (DOSHA). 


Quantity: 235ml

PITTA Body Oil

  • Step by step

    Before starting, it is advisable to dry exfoliate your face (if desired), neck and body with our Garshana gloves in 100% raw silk:

    • Place your bottle of oil  in a hot water bath for five minutes to cool it down or rub it between your hands. 
    • Sit comfortably  in a room sheltered from drafts where the temperature is pleasant.
    • Start  by massaging the head.  Take a little oil in the palm of your hand, rub it into your palms and massage the scalp. Starting at the top of the head, use your fingertips and slowly move down the forehead, sides, and back in circular motions directed outward.
    • Apply the oil to the face, neck and back of the neck. Continue with the massage of the outer ear.
    • Move on to foot massages.  Using the palms of the hands, move back and forth along the sole of the foot.
    • Next, massage the arms  using upward and downward strokes along their length and practice a circular motion over the joints. Start with the hands going up to the shoulders.
    • Then massage the legs  in the same way as the arms. Start at the ankles and work your way up including the glutes.
    • Continue with the lower back  by practicing circles at the level of the kidneys.
    • Apply the oil to the abdomen and chest.  A gentle circular massage is recommended. Proceed clockwise on your stomach.
    • Once the massage is finished,  take care to remove excess oil from under your feet.

    • You can now take a warm shower or bath.

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