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I am balanced and supported by the Universe. The Mala, a meditation tool to dive into the Heart of Self!

It is said that it is the Mala that chooses us. . .
So let yourself be guided by your senses and your intuition. . . If you have a crush, it's yours!

I imagine and design the Malas by tying each of the 108 stones with the wish that it helps everyone to find the Best in Self, their own Quintessence.


108 Stones of Jasper Impression & Sandalwood

Hand tied on nylon thread

Mother-of-pearl pellet OM


Energy des Stones

JASPER PRINT is a stone of tranquility. It absorbs negative energy, balances yin and yang and aligns body, mind and soul.


SANDALWOOD is a fragrant wood that promotes meditation by calming the mind, reducing stress and thus bringing mental clarity.

Mala - JALA

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