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I let joy flow through me. The Mala, a meditation tool to dive into the Heart of Self!

It is said that it is the Mala that chooses us. . .
So let yourself be guided by your senses and your intuition. . . If you have a crush, it's yours!
I imagine and design the Malas by tying each of the 108 stones with the wish that it helps everyone to find the Best in Self, their own Quintessence.


108 fuchsia lace Agate stones & Magnesite

Hand tied on nylon thread
antique silver buddha

Energy des Stones

LACE AGATE is a stone that is said to bring joy, liveliness and energy. Its warm protective properties encourage security and self-confidence.


MAGNESITE brings deep peace by aiding the relaxation of the body as well as the mental. It helps to develop intuition and its creative nature.


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