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The Mala, a meditation tool to dive into the Heart of Oneself!
They say that it is the Mala that chooses us. . .

So let yourself be guided by your senses and your intuition. . . If you have a crush, it's yours!  I imagine and design the Malas by tying each of the 108 stones with the wish that it helps everyone find the Best in Oneself, their own Quintessence.

108 stones of Dalmatian Jasper, Obsidian flakes & Sandalwood
Hand knotted on nylon thread


Energy of Stones
DALMATIAN JASPER helps maintain peace within your inner being and deepen your meditative state. This stone allows you to find the balance between light and darkness (the golden mean). It allows you to find confidence and loyalty to yourself by developing unconditional love of yourself.

OBSIDIAN FLAKES allows you to accept change and transformation by providing clarity. It helps you see the positive in any situation and stay focused on your intentions. This stone relieves and supports female cycles.

SANDALWOOD is a fragrant wood that promotes meditation by calming the mind, reducing stress and thus bringing mental clarity.


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