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The VATA Trio Set includes:

  • Rose water (120ml)
  • VATA Exfoliating and Cleansing Mask (120 ml)
  • Neutral Vata Serum (30 ml)

Serum without essential oils for very sensitive and reactive skin.

Ariel's Basic Vata Ritual (Neutral)

  • THE VATA EXFOLIATING AND CLEANSING MASK:This exfoliating and hydrating mask is specially designed for dry skin. The perfect and balanced combination of all its natural and active ingredients gives this mask the properties to gently cleanse, deeply hydrate, improve the color and texture of your skin. It is perfect to be part of your daily ritual for your face.

    DAMAS ROSE FLORAL WATER: This Damascus Rose floral water, also called the ¨Queen of Flowers¨, has toning, moisturizing properties and is perfect for combating the effects of aging. Its astringent effect is ideal for preparing the skin before using our exfoliating mask

    THE NEUTRAL VATA SERUM: Serum without essential oils for very sensitive and reactive skin.

    Our VATA serum is formulated with pure, plant-based active ingredients for dry skin. It is specially designed to quickly penetrate the epidermis and act on its radiance, firmness and softness. The nourishing oils of this Serum will be absorbed quickly by your skin in depth and will act as a nourishing and protective agent. Ensure you have healthy skin with our Serum.

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